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Nano Gevital Technology ®

Regenerate your health in the
most natural way.

Above top view calm peaceful elderly mature hoary woman sleeping on soft pillow under blan

Why Nano Gevital ® is unique?

Nano Gevital ® Products are scientifically proven medical products.

Discover the effective and at the same time harmless method to gain your energy back. Nano Gevital Technology ® is based on proprietary research and development of High Tech Nano Magnets.

Nano Gevital Magnets ® have a positive effect on your blood circulation. They increases the blood oxygen level. The capillary vessels are better supplied with oxygen. As a result, the organs are better supplied with blood and the body cells are well protected and regenerated.

This gives more energy and strength.

Your zest for life will increase significantly.

Above top view calm peaceful elderly mature hoary woman sleeping on soft pillow under blan

Nano Gevital Technology ® honored with the innovation award for medical devices.

The scientific staff behind the development of Nano Gevital Magnets ® has been awarded several awards with this unique technology, including the prestigious "Innovative Medical Device" award.

Could not sleep at night, the pain was so great that I even had to stay at home. 
I had very little energy and that was a big problem for me and my family.

Dr. Helmut Kogler


In cooperation with German Universities

State of the Art in magnetic therapy research.

Nano Gevital Technology ® is developed in cooperation with Europe's leading experts in magnetic therapy research. 

Therapeutic devices incorporating permanent magnets are more natural alternative to anti
-inflammatory drugs. Of interest to health service researchers is the study showing that magnet therapy can help to reduce the burden chronic musculoskeletal and vascular disorders.

Nano Gevital ® home therapy devices are developed after long study and research cooperation with leading experts in the field. The primary aim of the medical trials is to investigate the effectiveness of magnet therapy for relieving pain and inflammation in Arthritis and other Cardiovascular disorders. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

Research Laboratory for Cardiovascular Sciences


I was battling Long Covid for about 14 months before this magnet therapy.

Had severe headache almost every day and some days could not even stand up from bed.

This technology really helped me to reduce pain and get some proper sleep at night.

- Barbara Feldman


Ich bin seit 5 Monaten Covid-Patient mit ständigen Entzündungen und niedrigem Blutdruck. Ehrlich gesagt hat sich der Kampf auch auf meine psychische Gesundheit ausgewirkt.

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Gevital Topper. Es tut gut, morgens aufzuwachen und sich tatsächlich wieder wie ein normaler Mensch zu fühlen.

- Dr. Markus Schulz


I struggle with POTS and doctors put me on clinical magnet therapy for about 6 months. The therapy has improved my symptoms, however, it has been really expensive. I am happy that I found Hevital Medical. Now I can treat my self at home. 

- Nataliya

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