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Long Covid Therapy

If you have recovered from Covid-19 but are still experiencing certain symptoms you could have post Covid-19 condition or "Long Covid".


What are these symptoms? How long do they last and are there any treatment options?

Infection with coronavirus can lead to Covid-19 disease and long-term health consequences. The long-term consequences are referred to as Long Covid. Long-term consequences are also known from several other viral diseases, for example, mononucleosis.
Long-term consequences are also possible with a mild Covid-19 course or infection without signs of illness. Symptoms may either persist after contracting Covid-19 or occur in the weeks and months afterward. It is also possible that symptoms first subside and then return later.

The symptoms of Long Covid can be very different and vary in severity. Treatment for Long Covid is based on the health problems of the person affected. The aim of the treatment is to relieve and cure the discomfort. Therefore, the possible treatments are also very different. Nano Gevital ® research has found that in Long Covid patients, the blood no longer circulates as it did before the Long Covid disease.

Long Covid sufferers suffer from circulatory problems. As a result, the organs are not supplied with sufficient blood. The capillary vessels are not supplied with enough oxygen. As a result, the cells of the human body cannot regenerate sufficiently.


The energy and the strength are missing to the affected persons. They have great difficulties to survive their everyday life. And often they are no longer able to work.


Our research results have shown that the Nano Gevital Technology ® helps the blood to circulate again. The capillary vessels are better supplied with oxygen. Thus the cells in the body regenerate. The cell remains protected. After 3-4 weeks, patients have significantly more energy than before. With regular use of our Nano Gevital Technology ® your body cells will regenerate. They will have more energy and strength. Thus more joy of life.

Immunological Illness
Vascular Illness
Direct Neuroinvasion
Critical Illness

What sets us apart from the rest.

Nano Gevital ® home therapy devices use proprietary nano magnets based on 10 years of research and medical testing with high success in treating Long Covid symptoms.

Our advanta

Variable magnetic strength for the different areas of your body

Slow blood circulation leads to low oxygen intake by the cells and its the ultimate start of many symptoms such as swelling of soft tissue such as muscles, low blood pressure, headache, dizziness, anxiety and others.
However, one size won't fit all. It takes a much stronger magnet, for example, to treat the muscles in your legs then around your face.

Through out the years we have developed proprietary know-how. Nano Gevital Magnets ® have the right strength for the right region of your body. Make sure you use our devices in the intended way.

Experience and long years in research

We started our journey in 2012 and every year we improve our medical therapy with the state-of-the-art in magnetic field therapy.

No electromagnetic damage to your nerve system

Magnetic field therapy is often divided onto two type of therapy: permanent magnet therapy and electromagnetic therapy. Over the years we have researched both of those technologies to find their effect on the human body. We have discovered that in large amount of patients the electromagnetic waves can cause damage to the nerve system as a side effect. 

Nano Gevital Magnets ® are permanent nano magnets produced in a proprietary process and do not create any electromagnetic field.

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